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Here is Everything You Wanted To Know About Commercial Kitchen Cleaning


Commercial kitchens are usually found in cafes, schools, restaurants, and some businesses. Also, they are larger in size compared to a residential kitchen and hence, require a high amount of cleaning and disinfecting.

If you are curious about the importance of commercial kitchen cleaning, this post will give you a detailed idea about it. We will discuss about the importance of keeping kitchen areas clean and how professional cleaning service is the solution to your cleaning problems.

The difference between commercial and residential kitchens

In reality, there are some particular differences between commercial and residential kitchens. The first thing is that commercial kitchens need to follow many legal regulations because they are made to prepare food for the general public instead of a private family. That is why commercial cleaning in Edmonton is in high demand, especially when it comes to kitchen cleaning.

Furthermore, commercial kitchens have a lot of cooking stations for preparing different types of foods and for different preparations like grilling, baking, frying, and a final prep station. In addition, each space should be large enough for a lot of kitchen staff to operate in that area safely. Maximum commercial kitchens have at least a microwave, few sinks, walk-in freezers and refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and wide counter space. It is pertinent to avoid cross-contamination in commercial kitchens. Considering the massive amount of foods being prepared every hour, it is necessary to have a lot of counter space. In other words, there is always more going on in a commercial kitchen than in a residential kitchen.

Importance of keeping the commercial kitchen clean

The most significant reason behind keeping the commercial kitchen clean is that they are used for a longer period of time, and a lot of food is prepared in the kitchen. Hence, it is significant to keep it clean and maintained as it would ensure a longer lifespan of the kitchen’s appliances and ideal effectiveness.

Oil and grease buildup on stove grates are responsible for damaging the stove’s ability to heat something and even pose the danger of a fire hazard. On the other hand, failing to clean the sink regularly can lead to a buildup of lime and other minerals as well as cause rust in the faucet head.

Simultaneously, the kitchen areas that do receive cleaning attention can be the source of bacterial growth, cross-contamination, and fire hazards. Moreover, with the busy schedule of most commercial kitchens, there remain high chances of many places going unnoticed.

Significance of hiring commercial cleaning service

The first and foremost reason behind hiring a commercial kitchen cleaning service is to stay up-to-date on health codes and current food standards. Also, provide confidence to the customers that they are getting the best and healthy foods at their table.

Even though the kitchen staff is responsible for cleaning the kitchen, still some areas go unnoticed and become a place for bacterial growth and uncleanliness. In such scenarios, hiring professional cleaning services to maintain and clean the kitchen is the right thing to do to get the job done in an ideal manner.