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The Secret Techniques that Ensure your House Always Look Clean


Keeping your house clean all the time is nothing less than a daunting task amidst going to the office, shopping, taking kids to school and other daily chores. Furthermore, if you look at it specifically, many become confused between dusting and vacuuming their house’s interior.

Many house owners find this task a stressful job, so they hire domestic cleaning services in Edmonton to ensure that their house stays clean all the time. Learn more about the top things you can do to keep your house’s interior fresh and clean throughout the year.

Clean the build-up in your humidifier

It is significant to understand that the water which makes the humidifier run seamlessly is another breeding area for mould and microbes. To remove the build-up, pour two cups of vinegar on the water tank and move it slowly till it becomes moist. The next step is to put the vinegar filled tank on the base to drain into the reservoir for 15-20 minutes. After that empty the tank and take a small brush to scrub the vent and cleaning the rest build-up.

Scrub your bathroom clean

It would be best if you started cleaning your bathroom to make it sparkling clean and germ-free space. However, it would be wise to get rid of all the items from their usual spot before starting the cleaning process. Make sure that you do not forget any trash cans while putting aside the different bathroom items before cleaning. Start with dusting and sweeping the bathroom before attempting anything else. Once done, apply cleaner to the shower and bathtub to clean them perfectly. If there is a serious build-up, then use an acid-based cleaner or use an all-purpose cleaner when you are regularly cleaning. Also, spray the all-purpose cleaner on the towel racks, shelves, blinds, doors, baseboards and window sills. Clean every one of them until they look new and shiny.

Last but not the least thing to do is mopping the floor with a quality cleaning solution. Make sure to get rid of excess water before cleaning the bathroom floor. After everything is done, put back the items where they belong.

Cleaning your kitchen

Before starting the cleaning process, the first thing to do is to pick up everything that does not belong to the kitchen in a basket. The next important thing is to bring out the trash can and collect all the garbage and unnecessary items so that you can throw them out today. Now fill the sink with soapy water and the dirty dishes you wash by hand. If you have dishwater, use it to clean the plates and the dishes. When the dishes are soaking, spray the cleaning liquid on the counters and wipe them with a clean cloth.

Don’t forget to clean the stove top as well. After that, vacuum or sweep the floor to pick up any dirt, dust or crumbs. Make sure to mop the complete kitchen floor entirely in a routine manner. Also, wipe down the exterior of every appliance and cabinet doors once every month.

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